Shepherd a Child
Yellowstone’s Shepherd-A-Child Program is designed to support the growth of our students outside the walls of our classrooms. Shepherds will serve as mentors, encouragers, role models, and friends.  
Students at Yellowstone Academy will undoubtedly receive a first class education, but that is not enough. They must also learn the habits and practices of a responsible citizen: character, responsibility, and self-reliance.  These habits and practices are best learned through observation of people who demonstrate them in their lives.  
Yellowstone Academy exists to bring about radical change in life prospects. The Shepherd-A-Child program is a central part of how we hope to reach that change. 
Shepherds commit to meeting with their child at least once a month.  The visit may entail something as simple as going out for a meal or to the park, or may include a trip to a museum or sporting event, or a visit to one’s place of business.  The goal is enrichment – to show children a larger slice of the world he lives in.  This will best be accomplished by establishing a relationship of trust; children benefit from the Shepherd’s interest in her life.  

 Shepherds help introduce Yellowstone students

 to the larger world around them.     

The Shepherd-A-Child Program is administered in cooperation with Houston churches. You must be an active member of a local Christian church in order to be a shepherd. 

If you have any questions or would like to become a Shepherd, please contact:

Tamaika Parish, Director of Family Services and Outreach
(713) 741-8000 ext. 303