Campus Volunteer

Yellowstone Academy is blessed to have team of energetic, dedicated volunteers who serve through various opportunities. Volunteering is a fabulous way to make a difference in a child's life, and we have weekly, monthly, and periodic opportunities - something to fit most schedules.

Connect with students

  • Classroom volunteers

  • Weekly commitment

  • Reading or math tutors for one-on-one support

Monthly mentor
  • Matched with a student to eat lunch monthly together on campus; Mentors develop a relationship with specific student and provide extra encouragement.

         National studies show that students who are mentored:

  • Increase their grades by 59%
  • Increase their aspirations & goals by 79%
  • Are 52% less likely to be absent from school
  • Have noticeably stronger communication skills than their peers who are not mentored

 Library Volunteers

  •  Shelf books

  •  Manage database

  •  Read or help students with library skills

Field Trip Chaperones
Special Projects
If your schedule doesn't allow you to make a monthly or weekly commitment, Yellowstone also has events and projects throughout the year that require a shorter time commitment.
  • Christmas & End-of-Year classroom parties

  • Parent Open House and Field Day

  • Teacher projects

  • Monthly teacher/staff appreciation luncheons


If you would like to learn more about the opportunities we have for volunteers, please contact the volunteer coordinator at:
Phone: (713) 741-8000