At A Glance
Yellowstone Academy was founded in July 2001 to provide a high quality, faith-based education for economically disadvantaged students. After a year of intensive planning, the Academy opened in August 2002 with 64 pre-school students from Houston’s inner city neighborhood in the Third Ward.
PreK Students
Yellowstone Academy
In 2006, Yellowstone Academy purchased a former elementary school building from the Houston Independent School District and in May 2009, Yellowstone completed construction of a new gym. These facilities have enabled Yellowstone to add a grade level each year through the eighth grade. In 2012, Yellowstone celebrated its 10th Anniversary as well as its first 8th grade graduating class.
Yellowstone currently serves 350 students from Pre-K through the 8th grade. The Academy has five classes of 8th grade graduates who are continuing to pursue their full potential in high school, college, and other post-secondary opportunities including vocational certifications and the military.
Yellowstone Academy Graduate

Hallmarks of Yellowstone

  • Comprehensive Pre-K through 8th grade educational program
  • $12,500 annual scholarship for admitted students
  • Academic Excellence: high expectations for students that encourages their individual talents and strengths
  • Spiritual Growth: character development program for students teaching Christian principles through daily Bible class and weekly chapel services
  • Student Support: helping students reach their full potential with social services, meals, transportation